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RUT240 Device Recovery Options

Summary #

This page displays various recovery options for a RUT240 device.

Default login information #

Using a device recovery option resets the device’s configuration to its factory default state. You will need to use the default authentication info in order to login to the device.

  • Default Address (LAN IP):
  • Default Username: admin
  • Default Password: admin01

Factory Reset #

Below you will find various methods of performing a factory reset on RUT240.

Reset Button #

The reset button is located on the back panel of the device.

The reset button has two functions.

  • Reboot the device. If the reset button is pressed for up to 4 seconds, the device will reboot. Start of the reboot will be indicated by the flashing of all 5 signal strength LEDs together with the green connection status LED.
  • Factory reset. If the reset button is pressed for at least 5 seconds (by default), the modem will perform a factory reset and reboot. Signal strength LEDs indicate the elapsed time while holding the reset button. When all 5 LEDs light up, it indicates that 5 seconds have passed and the reset button can be released. Start of the factory reset will be indicated by flashing of all 5 LEDs together with a red connection status LED.

NOTE: The default button hold time value (5 seconds) can be changed in the device’s Software, from the System > Administration > General page.

Software #

You can also perform a factory reset with the device’s Software. To do so, login to the device and go to System > Administration > General tab. Click the Restore button.

SMS Utilities #

You can perform a factory reset with the SMS Utilities package. If the Restore Rule hasn’t been disabled or changed in any way, all you need to do is send an SMS message to the SIM’s phone number.

<device_password> restore

Replace <device_password> with your device’s password.

Command Line #

You can perform a factory reset via command line by executing the firstboot command.

You will be asked to confirm the reset. Type y or n and then press Enter.

If you confirmed that you wish to reset the device, type reboot and press Enter. The device will be reset to it’s factory settings and reboot.

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