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This chapter provides explanations for LED actions on a RUT240 router.

Power LED #

The power LED is located on the bottom left corner of the front panel, just under the power connector:

Rut240 power led v2.png

It can perform two different actions:

LED turned ONRouter is powered up
LED turned OFFRouter is not powered up

Ethernet port LEDs #

The Ethernet port LEDs are located on the router’s front panel, under each respective Ethernet port:

Rut240 ethernet port leds v2.png

They represent activity happening on the router’s Ethernet ports:

LED turned ONOperating as a 10/100 Mbps connection
LED turned OFFNo link established
LED blinkingConnection established and there is activity on this port (data being transferred)
LEDs light up and turn OFF in sequence from WAN port to LAN1 portThe router is in the bootloader menu state*

* The bootloader menu is a special router state from which certain upgrades can be performed. For more information on the bootloader menu, click here

Connection status LEDs #

The connection status LEDs are located on the left side of the front panel, between the power connector and the signal strength indication LEDs:

Rut240 connection status led v2.png

The LED displays the router’s current connection state and network type among a few other things:

2G, 3G and 4G LEDs blinking every 1 secondNo SIM or bad PIN
Blinking from 2G LED to 4G LED repeatedlySIM holder is not inserted or access to network is denied
2G/3G/4G LED blinking every 1 secConnected to 2G/3G/4G, no data session established
2G/3G/4G LED turned onConnected to 2G/3G/4G with data session
2G/3G/4G LED blinking rapidlyConnected to 2G/3G/4G with data session and data is being transferred

Signal strength LEDs #

The signal strength LEDs are located in the center of the front panel, to the right of the connection status LEDs:

Rut240 signal strength leds v2.png

Each lit up LED represents a different value of the router’s current signal strength in RSSI:

0≤ -111 dBm
1-110 dBm to -97 dBm
2-96 dBm to -82 dBm
3-81 dBm to -67 dBm
4-66 dBm to -52 dBm
5≥ -51 dBm

The signal strength LEDs can also be used as a time indicator for holding the reset button. When you press and hold the reset button, you have to hold it pressed for 5 seconds (by default) to initiate a factory reset. Each second, a new signal strength LED lights up. When all 5 LEDs are lit up, it represents that 5 seconds have passed since you pressed down on the reset button and that you can release it.

After releasing the button, all 5 LEDs will start blinking every 1 second. This signifies that the router has begun the factory reset.

After the router gets powered up, all signal strength LEDs will turn ON and stay ON for about 40 seconds or until the router’s modem registers on a network – after this, the LEDs will start displaying the router’s current signal strength.

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