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RUT240 Mobile Traffic

Summary #

The Mobile Traffic page contains graphs that display mobile data usage values over different periods of time.

The information on this page has been updated in accordance with the RUT2XX_R_00.01.12.x firmware version.

Mobile Traffic Usage Periods #

Different tabs of the Mobile Traffic page displays data usage values over different periods of time.

  • Today – Data usage for the current day
  • Current Week – Weekly data usage
  • Current Month – Monthly data usage
  • Data Limit Period – Data usage for the current data limit period (as set in the Network > Mobile > Mobile Data Limit page)
  • Total – Data usage for the entire monitoring period (since Mobile Traffic Usage Logging was enabled)

The image below is an example of the Daily Data Usage graph.

Take note that the Delete data link clears the entire data usage database, meaning that data usage values for all periods will be cleared and the data limit counter will be reset.

Obtaining data usage values from command line #

Mobile data usage values can be obtained via command line interface with the help of mdcollectdctl. The usage for this command is displayed below.

The <SIM> value can be omitted when using the command on RUT240 devices. To print the usage help list, use mdcollectdctl –help.

All received/sent data usage values are returned in kibibytes (KiB), which is an ISQ standard accepted by most major standard organizations.

1 kibibyte (KiB) = 210 bytes = 1024 bytes
1 mebibyte (MiB) = 210 kibibytes (KiB) = 220 bytes = 1 048 576 bytes

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