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RUT240 System

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Summary #

The System window displays the device’s system and memory related information.

The information in this page is updated in accordance with the RUT2XX_R_00.01.12 firmware version.

System, Memory #

The figure bellow is an example of the System page and the table below provides information on the fields contained in that page:

Status system rut240.PNG
Field NameDescription
Router nameDisplays the device’s product name
Host nameDisplays the device’s host name. The hostname can be used instead of the LAN IP address to communicate with the device inside the local network. The hostname can be changed in the System → Administration → General page
Router modelDisplays the device’s full model name
Firmware versionDisplays the firmware version currently used by the device. The firmware can be upgraded from the System → Firmware page.
You can download firmwares for RUT240 from here
Kernel versionDisplays the device’s kernel version. A kernel is a computer program responsible for connecting a device’s software to its hardware
Local device timeDisplays the current time as perceived by the device. Time settings can be adjusted in the Services → NTP page
UptimeDisplays the amount of time that has passed since the device’s last start up
Load averageDisplays the device’s CPU load average (in %) over the last minute, 5 minutes and 15 minutes
FreeDisplays the amount of currently unused random-access memory (RAM)
CachedDisplays the amount of random-access memory (RAM) that is allocated for frequently accessed data storage
BufferedDisplays the amount of random-access memory (RAM) used by temporarily stored data before moving it to another location

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