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RUTX11 Bluetooth

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Summary #

The Bluetooth page contains information and settings related to the connected BT accessories. This chapter is an overview of the Bluetooth window in RUTX11 routers.

If you’re having trouble finding this page or some of the parameters described here on your device’s WebUI, you should turn on “Advanced WebUI” mode. You can do that by clicking the “Basic” button under “Mode”, which is located at the top-right corner of the WebUI.

Networking rutx manual webui basic advanced mode v1.gif

General #

Once you enable the functionality, press Scan button to see all visible nearby Bluetooth devices. To pair with desired device from the list, press Pair button. Then it should appear in Paired Devices list where you can manage them. Below is an example of Bluetooth page. 

By pressing Details button you can find more information about the item. Bellow is an example of Bluetooth Temperature & Humidity Sensor device data.

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