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RUTX11 Overview

Summary #

The Overview page contains various information summaries and shortcuts to other pages. It is also the homepage of the WebUI. This chapter is an overview of the Overview page for RUTX11 routers.

If you’re having trouble finding this page or some of the parameters described here on your device’s WebUI, you should turn on “Advanced WebUI” mode. You can do that by clicking the “Basic” button under “Mode”, which is located at the top-right corner of the WebUI.

Networking rutx manual webui basic advanced mode v1.gif

Overview #

The Overview page contains widgets that display the status of various systems related to the device. The figure bellow is an example of the Overview page:

Networking rutx11 manual overview v2.png

Mobile widget #

The Mobile widget displays information related to the mobile connection and the current signal strength (). Each filled-up bar represents a different RSSI value:

BarsSignal Strength Value / RSSI (In DBm)
0≤ -111
1-110 to -97
2-96 to -82
3-81 to -67
4-66 to -52
5≥ -51

The same calculation principle applies to the Signal strength LEDs located on your device. You can find more information on signal strength values and different measurements here.

Widget button: Info #

The Info () button is located next to the name of some widgets. Clicking the Info button redirects the user to a status page related to the widget’s displayed information. For example, clicking the Info button on the Mobile widget would redirect the user to the Status → System page:

Networking rutx11 manual overview widget button info action v1.png

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